Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Go and March Forth

I've always loved the play on words this day offers. To march forth feels rich with opportunity, promise and purpose. The fine city of Chicago saw the significance of the March 4th date and was incorporated on March 4th in the year 1837. Happy Birthday Chicago.

Here is a look at two other noteworthy "marches" that occured on this day.

1954 - J. Ernst Wilkins, was named Assistant Secretary of labor in Chicago by President Eisenhower. What's so noteworthy about that you may wonder? J. Ernst Williams was a Black man. Although a brilliant and outstanding Black man is now the P.O.T.U.S, this kind of appointment was unheard of in 1954.

1960 - Langston Hughes, poet and columnist, was awared the Springarn Medal for his distinction as "Black Poet Laureate". His poetry, prose and drama were contribtions to the Harlem Renaissance.

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